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Login and Registration

To use our internet services, you first need to register yourself as a new user. Please fill in the required fields marked with an asterisks, the other fields are optional. Once registered — please observe our Note on liability & data protection — you will immediately receive an e-mail with a password. You may then use this password and user name to log in and access the internet services described below.

Flight Plan Filling and FPL Update Messages

You can now file flight plans and flight-plan-associated messages with DFS over the internet. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail and/or text message (sms) for all filed flight plans and flight-plan-associated messages.

To create, change, or cancel your flight plan messages, please select the link Flight Plan Filing or FPL Update Messages. Then complete the fields of the appropriate form; the interactive help windows are there to assist you if needed. Then select the appropriate button at the end of the form.

The location indicator assistant will assist you in entering the ICAO location indicator for the aerodromes of departure and destination as well as alternate aerodromes.

Tip: You can save up to 100 flight plans under a name of your choice and activate them at a later point in time.


You can access up-to-date information for all aerodromes (AD) and flight information regions (FIR) around the world without delay by selecting NOTAM-Briefing from the menu.

Enter your aircraft identification into the field AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION and select IFR (including Y and Z) or VFR. Next, complete the fields for the departure and destination aerodromes and further filter criteria (e.g. Briefing includes all valid NOTAM of the last 90 days and NOTAM which become valid within the next 24 hours).

To obtain information on other aerodromes (AD), enter their ICAO location indicators. If you cannot remember the location indicator for an aerodrome (AD) or a flight information region (FIR) the auto-complete function is there to help you.

To select the desired flight information region (FIR), simply click on it in the displayed chart or enter its indicator into the appropriate fields. Please note that the order of your selection determines the order of the pre-flight information.

After a click on the button send your request is transmitted and your individual pre-flight information bulletin will be compiled.


The VFReBulletin is a publication containing all relevant NOTAM information for VFR flights within Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. You can filter out these NOTAM to match your planned route, show them on the map with the option to print out and/or save the resulting list.

We kindly ask you to observe the special conditions of use that you agree to once you avail of the VFReBulletin service for your pre-flight planning.

Alternatively, the latest NOTAM information may also be obtained from our AIS officers by calling the AIS Centre at +49 (0) 6103 707 5500.